How to Cut Whole Chicken Wings

Everybody loves chicken wings, and even more when they’re smoked. We all know that game day just wouldn’t be the same without them. And while you could cook them whole, separating the wingette from the drummette gives you more wings to go around.

If you stretch out a chicken wing, you’ll notice that there are three sections. At one end is the wing tip which is best used to make chicken stock. The middle part is called the wingette and the meatiest part is the drummette. Separating whole chicken wings into wingettes and drummettes gives you twice the number of pieces for your smoked wing recipes. They’ll cook faster and more evenly too. Which is just the way we like them.


  1. Using a sharp butcher knife, locate the joints where the drumette and wingette meet and slice between the joints.
    HOT TIP -- Watch the embedded video for a demonstration of this technique.

  2. Locate the joint that connects the wingette and the tip. Slice between the joints.

  3. Season and smoke your chicken wings. .

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