How to butterfly a chicken

When you butterfly your chicken, it cooks faster and becomes more flavoursome. Spreading out the chicken is how you get it crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. With Oklahoma Joe’s smokers, you can easily make the most delicious meals in the least time possible. If you want a finger licking ,chicken meal, these tips will help you get it right!

Before you start, make sure to remove the backbone and position the chicken as flat as possible.


  1. Place the chicken breast side down on a chopping board.

  2. Cut and remove the backbone with a butcher knife or a pair of sharp poultry shears.

  3. Make a small incision to the breast bone to easily break it and open the chicken like a book.
    HOT TIP -- Watch the embedded video for a demonstration of this technique.

  4. Turn the chicken over and create small incisions in the loose skin next to each leg. Insert the legs into the chicken skin’s openings to secure them.

  5. The tips of the wings should be tucked under the drumettes by rotating them backwards. The butterflied chicken is now ready for seasoning.

When you’re ready to test your new skills, try this Bourbon Smoked Chicken recipe.

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