How-to Prep and Cook Beef Short Ribs

If you’ve ever struggled with Beef Short Ribs, look no further than this easy how-to courtesy of James Smith, The Tattooed Butcher. Learn how to effectively remove fat and silver skin from top to bottom and Jame’s own way of cooking short ribs for a flavour-packed and tender result.

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  1. Flip short ribs over to the bottom side and start by making a small incision on the side into the fat. hard up against the bone using the tip of a sharp knife.

  2. Run the knife gently down the rib bone a few times until the fat starts to separate from the bone.

  3. Once you reach roughly the second rib, you will be able to use the already cut away fat to rip off the remaining layer of fat and connective tissue revealing a clean side.

  4. Clean in-between the bones by removing the last bits of connective tissues with your knife, again using the tip as these sections can become quite chewy if cooked. Clean between each bone and on the ends.

  5. Flip ribs back over to trim the heavy fat off the top alongside the layer of silver skin.

  6. Once the majority of the fat and silver skin has been cleared from the top layer, you can now liberally apply a rub of your choosing to both sides – don’t be shy.


Cook the ribs for 6 hours at 275 degrees Fahrenheit, spritzing every hour with water. After the 6 hours is up, wrap the beef short ribs in aluminium foil for 3 hours, resting for a further 1 hour. Enjoy tender, juicy and succulent ribs that’ll fall off the bone and straight onto your plate.

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