Texas Style Beef Clod French Dip Sandwich Recipe


The Beef Clod is a large cut that comes from the shoulder area. It can be cooked whole, or separated into multiple cuts. We had our local butcher separate out the shoulder clod arm roast for this recipe, and we made a Texas style beef clod roast for French dip sandwiches. Since the beef clod does not have a ton of fat, it is best prepared by braising or roasting. However, by smoking the roast first and then braising at the end, you get an amazing smoked flavour to your French dip.

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French Dip Sandwich

3.6 kg beef clod roast
2 tablespoons sea salt
2 tablespoons cracked black pepper
2 tablespoons steak seasoning
1 package French onion soup mix
4 cups water
1-2 loaves soft French bread
2 tablespoons Worchestershire sauce


  1. Rinse the Beef Roast and pat it dry, placing in on a sheet pan.
  2. Brush Worcestershire sauce all over the beef roast. Generously salt and pepper each side of the roast, and then cover with steak seasoning. You are trying to get a good bark on the roast so be generous with the rub.
  3. Prepare a hot fire in your Oklahoma Joe’s Highland with a good bed of unlit coals in the firebox. Fill a chimney with lump charcoal and light it using fire starters. Once the chimney is fully engulfed in flames pour that over the unlit bed of coals and add you wood chunks for flavour. I like using a stronger wood with this thicker cut of beef; preferably hickory or pecan, but use what you like for flavour.
  4. For a Beef Clod Roast I like a hotter fire since I am trying to smoke the roast, but also created a good bark on the outside. Once the smoker is up to temp, around 150°C, place the roast on the smoker for 5 hours. You can rotate the roast a couple of times.
  5. Mix one packet of French onion soup mix with four cups of water. After 5 hours place the roast in a half pan with the broth you made. Cover and place back on the smoker for another 2 hours.
  6. Once your roast reaches an internal temperature of 95°C, remove from the smoker and set aside to rest for an hour leaving it covered.
  7. Let the roast rest for about an hour before slicing. After the roast has rested, slice in very thin slices against the grain. You can place the slices back in the au jus until you are ready to build your sandwich.
  8. When ready to serve, pull the slices out of the au jus and place on the French bread. Pour some au jus into a dish and serve on the side for an unbeatable French Dip sandwich.

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